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As his body and knowledge speak, Ken has done many seminars and workshops on fitness, weight training, weight loss, muscle gaining, strengthening and conditioning for the MMA over the last several years. In Japan, he was the first one in history to be able to charge seminar fees. He has previously done over 60 seminars and often toured Japan visiting numerous Gold’s Gyms, department stores, martial arts shops, fitness stores, and privately owned gyms. As he did more seminars, he realized the necessity of the “clinical fitness workshop.”  This means that every person has some difficulty with training. Ken held workshops and fixed each person’s biggest problem right at the workshop. “Getting their issue corrected” was a miracle to many people. In the US, Ken, as the headcoach of The Sabres in the IFL and pro-bodybuilder, has held MMA conditioning seminars at the Los Angeles Fitexpo over the last 2 years. This is the largest fitness expo on the west coast, and it attracts many people from fitness to MMA. Currently Ken resides in Los Angeles, and is available for requested seminars.   Contact Ken


Appearances and motivational speech have been something that Ken has enjoyed over the last several years. He has been regularly appeared on TV shows such as Mynetwork’s Battle Ground during the 2007 season, the Best Damn Sports Show, the NBC Morning News in Philadelphia, the NBC Sports News in Seattle, Radio shows in Seattle/Chicago, New York, Florida, etc. One of Ken’s unique characteristics is definitely the spiritual Eastern influence, which has amazed and motivated many audiences. Ken is a true philosopher himself, which is influenced by his inherited mentality, Bushido (way of the Samurai Lord). It is about honor, integrity, courage, discipline, respect and morals.  These elements are the foundation of Ken Yasuda himself.  As Ken always says, “If I can influence one’s life in a positive way with what I can do, that is a fantastic feeling and achievement for me. I see many recognized people being examples of what not to do.  My aim is to be the role model of what to do. That means something!”

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Ken has been a sponsored athlete and public figure for several years now. As his interaction with his fans and career performance excel, the sponsor companies have been pleased to have him as their spokesperson. “First, I must believe in my sponsors’ products to represent the companies as a spokesperson. It is a business, but I would like to do it for the right reasons.”   Contact Ken

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