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Currently, Ken is a regular contributor for a major mixed martial arts magazine in the US, Ultimate Grappling and Masters. As a pro sports trainer, he has trained many MMA fighters and pro-wrestlers in addition to other pro sport athletes like major league baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki, etc. As he was appointed to organize and lead the Tokyo Sabres of the IFL (International Fight League), his name became more recognized in the MMA industry. Not only did he organize the MMA team, but also he took the team undefeated in the season winning over Marco Ruas’, Matt Linland’s and Don Frye’s teams. Ken’s articles in the magazine emphasize on conditioning and strengthening along with nutrition for MMA. By being a professional bodybuilder and life time martial artist, a lot of readers are learning more and are inclined to contact Ken by email with more questions and with appreciation.

The summary of Ken’s knowledge and experience has been expressed in a form of publication.  Being a champion and educated internationally, he has been a successful author of the best seller, Final Program, in the fitness industry of Japan. Final Program includes his bio, his in and off season training programs, relationships with other world top athletes and celebrities, etc. It is currently available at major book stores, gyms and fitness shops in Japan. Only a few bodybuilders in the past have written books, but never reached national distribution as the Final Program does. It is full of color photos of Ken and detailed training programs are disclosed. Ken insists that “disclosing my training information does not get in my way of improving my physique.  If any bodybuilder can use the information to enhance themselves in order to face me, that will be good competition. I like to have rivals and a high level of competition. That is one important element that I can continue to improve upon myself.”

Prior to the release of Final Program, he has written all of his “Talk Show Series : Mr. Japan vs. World Top Athletes” in Ironman Magazine Japan.  As a celebrity athlete himself, Ken talks and asks in an interview style (like the Oprah Winfrey Show) with world top athletes in a very casual way instead of like an ordinary writer or reporter.  His writing style was also enjoyed by many of the readers, and instantly the circulation sky-rocketed! Ken has invited stars such as Ken Shamrock (MMA), Maurice Green (Olympics), Chuck Liddell (MMA), Randy Couture (MMA), Don Frye (MMA), Giant Cali (WWE), etc. Since he has been friends with many of them from before, the interviews were smooth, and influenced many readers’ lives with the series. Many fans learned that top athletes are not just good at what they do, but all of them take care of their healthy, physique with proper training and nutrition, and balance out their life styles. 

Along with this hit series of over 4 years, “Ken Yasuda Training Series” in the magazine was a big hit as well. Everyone wants to know the secrets of Ken’s size, training, mentality and so on. This was continuous for over 3 years and almost every month, the magazine had 20 to 30 pages just on Ken. “Definitely, I improved my writing style through all these hit series. The writing classes in college were so boring, but writing about what I like and believe are so much more fun. I think that you have to have passion in anything you do if you want to do well.”

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