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DVD's and Videos ($35.00 each)
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The Punishment Workout

The Ultimate Power Training

MMA Pre-Fight
Conditioning Vol 1

MMA Pre-Fight
Conditioning Vol 2

Explosive Power Training

MMA Power Training Vol 1

MMA Power Training Vol 2

Bodyshaping For
Women Part 1
(English & Japanese)

Bodyshaping for
Women Part 2
(English & Japanese)

The Way of Samurai Part 1
(Only In Japanese)

The Way of Samurai Part 2
(Only In Japanese)

The Way of Samurai Part 3
(Only In Japanese)

Ken Yasuda's Shoulder Training
(Only In Japanese)

Autographed Photos ($20.00 each)
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Autographed Photo Collage

Ken Yasuda Autographed (B&W) Samurai Warrior Photo

Ken Yasuda Autographed Dumbell Photo

Ken Yasuda Autographed (B&W) Casual Photo


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