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The most beneficial part of “One on One Training” or simply “Personal Training” is that all trainees see the results with Ken. Each person gets full attention. His/her body, background, body type, and condition are specifically analyzed to reach his/her goal.  The major difference from general trainers is that Ken himself is a professional athlete and a champion. This means that he has gone through everything one can imagine to show results in his sport to support his livelihood.  If he did not know what he was doing, he would have been out of the game easily.  Ken always insists that “I do not teach bodybuilding or martial arts or MMA just because I was professional in those fields.”  It is about eating and working out correctly for a specific purpose. A 22 years old-pro fighter will not do the same workout routine as 73 year old lady. Everything you do must have a clear focal point, with a training program and diet plan in place. Also each individual has a different body, so that has to be analyzed as well. If one wants to see a result no matter what your purpose is, he/she has to come to the professional.  Your body and sport performance (if you are an athlete), will change dramatically for certain. Ken is also a director/examiner of PTA (Private Training Association), which means Ken is in a position to also test trainers for certificates. Contact : info@kenyasuda.com


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